Wednesday, October 19, 2016

» Laddie Lynn in Underwater Floaters

By Angelina Castro at 5:24 PM

Underwater Floaters

Underwater Floaters

There's always a pool handy in Miami, and for our purposes, it's got to be a private pool so the girls can take off or move aside their bikinis and we can shoot some underwater action of the submerged-boobs kind. That was the game plan with Laddie Lynn on this fine day. The weather was sunny and hot. Laddie was sunny and hot. The perfect combo.

Laddie (pronounced "Lady") talked about blow jobs. "I love sucking dick. It turns me on to know I'm turning on my partner. I usually stand up to find a pool of my juices between my knees. You bet I swallow. I worked so hard to empty those balls and I am going to savor every drop."

What about getting down with a dude outside of the bedroom or living room?

"I once had a few too many drinks and ended up making love in the front seat of a car with a near-stranger. It was fantastic."

Threesomes? Fingering?

"Partner swapping is my favorite and I absolutely love being fingered until I squirt."

It's always sunny in Miami when Laddie's visiting XL Girls.

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Underwater Floaters
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» Ms Yummy in Yum Yum Girl

By Angelina Castro at 5:22 PM

Yum Yum Girl

Ms. Yummy's only 5'1" but she packs a lot of pretty woman in her short and stacked physique. Whether you're checking her out from the front or from the back, Ms. Yummy is a super-voluptuous, breast-shakin', butt-twerkin' hottie. She has big, wide eyes and a welcoming smile. You can squeeze this little charmer all you want if there's a connection.

Tony's her fuck buddy in this bump and grind and he's going to take advantage of this opportunity. Those overflowing boobs and booty can fill any man's palms. Her hangers are spectacular and deserve a lot of lovin'.

"I dress to show more of my curves than my breasts," Ms. Yummy explained. "Because my breasts get enough attention. Guys are always looking at me up and down. I'm usually okay with it unless they're with their families. I wear a bra when I go out. At home, they're free so I can relax without bra straps cutting into my shoulders."

Ms. Yummy's sexual fantasy is "being tied-down with red silk, my eyes covered with a red silk blindfold and men taking turns eating my vagina until I orgasm." Sounds like 50 shades of Ms. Yummy.

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Yum Yum Girl
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

» Kelly Shibari in Action Sex Plumper

By Angelina Castro at 5:23 PM

Action Sex Plumper

Action Sex Plumper

XL Girls super-fan J.T. waxed poetic about Kelly Shibari. "I've never been so attracted to an Asian woman before. I like big women and usually Asian women are small. She is so pretty I would like to take her out on a date and just stare at her lovely face. And when she wasn't looking, I'd totally check out her sexy body, too. The BBWs that I have been with were all sexually assertive, but I always felt that Asian women were passive. I'd be more than happy to bone her, whether she wants to make my cock her own personal fuck stick or if she wants to be my sex slave."

The word "shibari" is a Japanese term for a specialized form of sexual rope bondage in which male rope masters tie up women in all sorts of picturesque ways so that's a clue to her erotic, exotic, hyper-sexual nature. They don't fuck 'em, they just tie 'em up. To each, his own.

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Action Sex Plumper
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» Ivy Darmon in Ivy's Bra Show

By Vicky Vette at 5:21 PM

Ivy's Bra Show

Ivy Darmon has 36E-cups, a stacked-to-the-brim figure and a completely gorgeous face. "I thought about modeling," said Ivy with the help of a translator. "And then for a while I was too busy. But then I thought about it some more. I talked to my friends and they--both girls and boys--said I should try it. I'm very liberated so the nudity did not turn me away."

Our photographer said that Ivy was a joy to snap. She has the magic. The kind of magic that makes your head spin if you saw her in the car alongside yours, or, even better, walking in the street so you could see her ta-tas bounce. Yes, we're shallow and proud of it.

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Ivy's Bra Show
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Monday, October 17, 2016

» Angel Sin in The Wet Angel

By Angelina Castro at 6:28 PM

Wet Angel

Wet Angel

When Angel soaked her splendiferous body in the XL Girls bath, we were there to record the event in both photographs and video. Angel, from San Diego, chose her name well. She is certainly an angelic princess. She has a fetishistic side also and is a dominatrix when she wants to be.

Cult movie fans will find it very interesting that Angel is a fan of the obscure black &white 1963 Vincent Price film, The Last Man On Earth. This movie was remade by Will Smith as I Am Legend. It's surprising that a chick, let alone a young chick like her, would even know about this movie, let alone count it as a favorite. But Angel is full of surprises.

What's also surprising is that she says that she has sex only three times a month! A girl like her should be getting the hard meat every fucking night. What the hell is going on with these San Diego dudes? We hope Angel remedied this situation.

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Wet Angel
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» Sophie Mae in She Likes Creaming

By Angelina Castro at 6:25 PM

She Likes Creaming

Toy haters will love this pictorial since curvaceously cantilevered Sophie Mae is not a user of female pleasuring devices. On the plus side, a look at totally-nude Sophie sprawling spreadeagle on a bed is hot enough without a Doc Johnson chick stick obscuring the sight of her deep pinkness.

Popping the cork over her breast creaming and her bare splendor once that tight white dress comes off is an effect Sophie knows she induces in most guys. Our camera crew could not leave her side until they captured as much video as they could of this nubile dance teacher.

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She Likes Creaming
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

» Tigerr Benson in Not The Housewife Type

By Vicky Vette at 2:14 AM

Kitchen Kitten

Tigerr Benson. What a nice, sweet treat to come home to and find in the kitchen. She doesn't just make fruit salads. She juices them. Juices them all over her succulent physique. While Tigerr isn't the housewife type by a long shot, this is a domestic fantasy that'll boil your sausage. Actually, Tigerr does like to cook.

"I always watch my scenes at SCORELAND," Tigerr tells us. "I'll watch them alone or with someone. It's always strange seeing how much I enjoy them but it's much hotter when I watch it with someone and see him get very horny. Yes, I've had sex with them playing. Making videos and photos has made me feel sexier and more womanly." Tigerr also comments under some of her scenes.

What does Tigerr dream about?

"I have all sort of dreams, I dream a lot. Sometimes they don't make sense. But I dreamed I was a unicorn and was having sex with a hot girl and guy. Kind of odd!"

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Kitchen Kitten
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

» Katie Thornton in The Dream Doll

By Angelina Castro at 2:13 AM

Dream Doll

One thousand times more beautiful (with a more beautiful body) than any Hollywood actress, Katie Thornton would be tough competition in any professional beauty contest but she chose big-bust modeling of the nude kind and we're grateful. If there was an action figure doll of her, we'd buy it.

The girl from Colne, Lancashire England and owner of a beauty salon says she has the soul of a gypsy and the heart of a hippie and calls herself a passport stamp collector. She's always travelling and whenever she's heading to Miami, she never fails to let SCORE know she's on her way.

This time, Katie gets lacey in a swanky Miami house and as always, Katie rules. A celebrity in the UK, SCORE's doing its part to make Katie better known in the USA. She deserves a lot more attention.

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Dream Doll
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Friday, October 14, 2016

» Danielle Derek in The Cum-Back

By Nikki Benz at 3:08 AM

The Cum-Back

SCORE magazine editor Dave called Danielle Derek, "The greatest fuck doll in the world." Slim with big, high-riding tits, a cocksucker mouth, a tight, little ass and those "bang-me" eyes, Danielle has changed very little during the past seven years away from the cameras. The only changes are the tats that she didn't have when she was modeling at SCORE and meeting the fans at the SCORE booth at the 2006 and 2007 Adult Entertainment Expos. When we learned Danielle was back, we sent her an invitation to rumble again in our jungle and before long, she was riding the big silver bird to the SCORE studio.

When Danielle's bikini comeback first appeared at SCORELAND, a pleased member named J commented, "This is fantastic news! I miss the days of huge fake tits being a more popular thing. Thank God for SCORE! I want an avalanche of new and hot Danielle content! There is no HD content of her anywhere and we need it! I would kill for some full HD of Donita Dunes! We are so lucky for this opportunity! Welcome back!"

Danielle takes on JMac in her comeback hardcore scene blowing the man down and doing all her signature moves--sucking, grinding, riding and the dirty talking that made her such a popular porn star. She got her sexy on right away just like she used to. Once again, you can take the girl out of the heat but you can't take the heat out of the girl.

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The Cum-Back
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

» Smiley Emma in Cheerful Chubette

By Angelina Castro at 9:35 AM

Cheerful Chubette

Cheerful Chubette

"I wear a 34M bra--M for massive--and that's a UK size," says the aptly named Smiley Emma because she smiles all the time. Emma even smiled holding up a current newspaper for the photographer's paperwork.

If Emma likes you, she'll smile at you but she'll wait for you to approach her. "I love a good cheesy joke or comment. That makes me laugh the most. The best compliment I can hear is that I'm a real down-to-earth woman while still being sexy." This debut pictorial and Emma's video plus her meet &greet video chat with her photographer prove she's got sexy written all over her.

"How do I make a man feel special? I have a rule that every time my boobs are out he has to rub his face in them and if his cock is out, I have to put it in my mouth. This means several times a day."

This is an excellent rule. It's Emma's rule. Because Emma rules.

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Cheerful Chubette
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» Mischel Lee in Bush Garden

By Vicky Vette at 9:30 AM

Bush Garden

Mischel Lee is not only a member of the Big Bush Club. She's a member of the Mile High Club. "I had sex in an airplane," Mischel wrote. "It was so sexy, I came very hard. I only did it one time. I would like to try it again."

Mischel checks herself out in a full-length mirror in this layout so in some photos, we get two Mischels. When she's done ogling herself while we ogle her, Mischel goes over to a sofa and shows off the bush garden she's cultivated. She tends to her garden with her fingers, spreading her ringed pussy lips and showing off the pink.

Getting on the floor in front of the mirror, Mischel spreads her legs open and masturbates, looking at herself, getting hot. "I think about guys or girls giving me oral sex when I masturbate," Mischel adds. "I think about what guys want to do when they see me. Then I get more excited."

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Bush Garden
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

» Roxee Robinson in Foxy Roxee Is Well-red In Red

By Angelina Castro at 9:34 AM

Foxy Roxee Is Well-red In Red

Foxy Roxee Is Well-red In Red

XL Girls magazine editor Dave wrote in the Winter 2017 issue, "First, we'd like to thank Roxee's boyfriend (sorry, guys, but you can't expect a girl who looks like her to be single). He's the one who started taking sexy pictures of Roxee and convinced her that she was sexy. Next, we'd like to thank associate editor Elliot James. He's the one who spotted Roxee on a breast forum. And finally, we'll thank Roxee for being the brickhouse babe she is."

"I'm excited to be in magazines and I think my XL Girls pictures and videos look amazing," said one of Canada's most important figures. And what a figure. "I love the stylists XLGirls hires in Prague. I'm an exhibitionist and I love showing off my body so this is very natural to me. I enjoy being naked outdoors. But I'm also a homebody."

XGirls: Roxee, do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Roxee: All the time. I have stored quite a few things in my bra. Money and debit cards and a phone are the most common. It's funny that at the end of the day I take my bra off and I have a few coins stuck to my boobs.

XGirls: We'd like to see that. Have you always shaved your pussy?

Roxee: I've always shaved my pussy.

XGirls: What do you like about having a shaved pussy? Is sex better?

Roxee: I like how clean it feels when it is shaved. I feel it doesn't change the sex. Sex is great!

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Foxy Roxee Is Well-red In Red
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» Rachel Raxxx in Raxxx To The Max!

By Angelina Castro at 9:30 AM

Raxxx To The Max!

Wonder teen Rachel Raxxx came to SCORELAND via a recommendation. Her first time here was her first time modeling. There are some similarities with another teen-tit cutie, Christy Marks, although Christy waited three months before doing hardcore while Rachel began from the start. Since then, Rachel has created a sensation in big-bust fandom, pitching tents and making everyone who sees her photos and videos completely boob drunk.

SCORELAND: How do you use your breasts to please a man?

Rachel: Sometimes I can put them in their faces. A lot of times I don't have to do anything. They just go for them. Grab on them or suck on them. I can wrap them around their penis and jack them off with them. You can do a lot with big boobs. Boobs are fun. I like having them.

SCORELAND: You mentioned wrapping your boobs around the guy's cock. You said "penis," a very nice word to use. Guys' cocks completely disappear in your cleavage, correct?

Rachel: Yes.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been with a guy whose cock was big enough that it didn't disappear in your cleavage?

Rachel: No.

SCORELAND: Rachel, I think you might be the bustiest 18-year-old I've ever seen.

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Raxxx To The Max!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

» Karla Lane in Pick-Up On Jugs Lane

By Angelina Castro at 9:34 AM

Pick-Up On Jugs Lane

Pick-Up On Jugs Lane

Mr. B. &JMac are cruising the streets in a car looking for big-titted girls who will put out immediately. Call it drive-by fucking. They stop at a house where stacked Karla Lane is checking her mail. They actually jive-talk their way into her place and within minutes, she's sucking and jacking J Mac's meat, squeezing his balls and swallowing his dick to the hilt. Mr. B. watches and photographs Karla. This pretty Latina really digs wrapping her lips and tongue around cock! She spits on his dick to lube her tits for fucking. Karla says she loves tit-fucking. JMac spreads her legs open and gives this short 'n' stacked girl a solid boom-boom.

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Pick-Up On Jugs Lane
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» Ariana Angel in Going Dutch

By Angelina Castro at 9:28 AM

Going Dutch

Ariana Angel is an Amsterdam record promoter and historian, writer and journalist specializing in the hardcore punk music scene. Filming Ariana required our team to travel to Europe. For a chance to photograph a pretty girl in great shape with big, natural tits, we'll make every effort.

Ariana travels all over the world, going to punk rock clubs and concerts for both her job and for pleasure. One day Vegas, then Boston, another day New York, then Belgium and many other stops in Europe. She's non-stop.

"I usually wear jeans, band T-shirts and occasionally high heels if I'm up to something. I like to wait for the guy to move first." Ariana says she's sexually passive at first but if she's into someone, she gets sexually aggressive. "An emotional and a sexual connection satisfy me. I like to have both," says Ariana.

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Going Dutch
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Monday, October 10, 2016

» Destiny Rose in Sex Toys & Anal

By Angelina Castro at 3:33 PM

Sex Toys &Anal

Sex Toys &Anal

"I struck out a lot with boys in high school," says Destiny Rose, a vision of pure eroto-voluptuosity in her filmy negligee. Were they insane? Who would turn down a second with this busty angel?

"I dated a lot of older men in high school. Older guys, like in their 20s. They liked me. When I got out of high school, I started dancing at 19. My club is off the highway so I get a lot of truck drivers who stop in for a bite to eat. On the weekends it's a younger crowd. It's fun; I like dancing on the weekends."

And what about her dating and sex life situation? What's that like now? "I just date big, fat men. It's what does it for me!"

Huh? What? Fat dudes?

"I just like that there is more to hold on to. Bigger guys are just, well, bigger. I like that. They are cuddly and they are cute. I like it when a man has a big belly. I like to rub it and call him Buddha. I think it's hot. I like them bigger, so that I don't hurt them because I like to be wild."

Destiny told a story that got us pissed off. It happened during one of her trips to Miami when she decided to visit a strip club near us after a shoot. We'd have been happy to escort her but she didn't ask.

"I went to the Pink Pony here in Miami. I loved it. I went by myself and they actually kicked me out! I wanted to go and check it out and I was hungry, so I wanted to get a cheeseburger. But they have a rule that you can't go in without a male escort and I didn't have one. I smiled at the bouncer and he let me in anyway. So I went in alone. And I ate my food and then I was checking out the girls and then they kicked me out!"

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Sex Toys &Anal
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» Holly Claus Is Cummin'

By Angelina Castro at 3:32 PM

Holly Claus Is Cummin'

"I love to show off my multiple pussy piercings every chance I get," said Holly Claus, a stripper from Key West, Florida. "I've thought about doing porn for years. I just never did anything about it. It was only a matter of time before I decided to take the plunge."

Holly gets off on anal sex. Flesh and blood cocks and the Doc Johnson kind. Does she masturbate? "Two words: fresh batteries," was her answer.

"I went out and bought myself a stainless steel butt plug from this boutique sex shop in town. It has a jewel on the end, so it looks really pretty and feminine. When I bring a lucky guy home on a date, it's always fun to do a strip tease and peel off my panties to reveal my hidden treasure. Their eyes bug out really wide!"

"My sexual fantasy is getting on my knees and taking care of an entire group of guys at a bachelor party."

You bet! If anyone would do that, Holly would.

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Holly Claus Is Cummin'
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Sunday, October 09, 2016

» Bambi Blacks in Miss Dirty Mouth

By Nikki Benz at 3:41 AM

Dirty Mouth? Call Bambi.

Is Bambi Blacks the dirtiest bra-buster ever to get her tits out at SCORELAND? She has one of the filthiest mouths and her nasty comments are non-stop when she's squeezing her big boobs and cramming her slit with her fingers as we watch. Next for Bambi is a hardcore fuck that ends with her most-favorite thing, a creampie filling in her pussy-hole.

"I have to fuck twice a day every day," Bambi said. "I love multiple orgasms, cumming over and over. If you like freaky Barbie dolls, I am your girl. Guys love to see me dress like a whore in tight outfits and freaky high heels and dressing like that is part of me and makes me feel sluttier."

"Do I have any special talents? Sure!" Bambi said. "Making men fall in love with me by showing off my boobs." "Nothing is subtle about this British babe's sexuality," wrote SCORE editor Dave in the February 2017 edition.

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Dirty Mouth? Call Bambi.
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Saturday, October 08, 2016

» Dolly Fox in Foxy Red

By Angelina Castro at 12:34 AM

Foxy Red

"I never try to hide my boobs," foxy in red Dolly Fox is happy to say. "I like to show what I have. I'm really proud of them and I don't want to hide them. I love to show my tits no matter where I am.

"The reaction I get is 'Wow!' but when I see the reaction on someone's face, it's priceless. Really priceless. You can't replace that 'Wow!' It's like they're seeing something that they have never seen before. I love to see their faces. It makes me smile. It makes me feel good.

"My favorite thing to do on a night out is to just have fun with my girlfriends, do a lot of partying, maybe some striptease in a bar. My friends and I have done that a few times. It always gets a lot of attention. The guys go crazy, and it's always a big turn-on for me, too."

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Foxy Red
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Friday, October 07, 2016

» Minka in The Mega-Boobs Office

By Angelina Castro at 10:51 PM

Mega-Boobs Office

It's been almost five years since Minka visited SCORE to complete the best-selling DVD Maximum Minka and in all that time, the requests to have her back kept on coming.

Minka could have taken a job as an executive with The SCORE Group. She wanted to work near her home in Vegas so the world's #1 Asian big-tit star since 1994 took a job in a nearby office. We're disappointed about that even though we understand why she declined.

The problem is a supervisor in this company. He doesn't get Minka's sense of humor and her working style. He gets annoyed when she makes copies of her 44KK tits with the office copier. Her habit of working at her desk with her blouse raised over her boobs bugs him. He spills coffee on the floor, distracted by her protruding pontoons. He just doesn't get Minka.

His first mistake is when he asks to speak to Minka and lays down the law. She quickly turns the tables on him and sucks his cock. That straightens him out fast, and before he knows it, he's breaking every rule in the company handbook by boning Minka on the conference room couch and nutting her mega-boobs. Who's the boss now?

SCORELAND: So, Minka, what have you been doing since your last visit?

MINKA: I've been on the tennis court every day. I play a lot of tennis. I cook. Eat. Fuck. The same. Clean the house. I take care of my dogs. Work on my site. I've been busy. Mostly, I play tennis. That is how I am in such good shape after modeling for so long. The people say, 'Minka, why do you still look so good?' I tell them because I keep in shape and also because I have the best boobs.

SCORELAND: And you still have the best nipples, yes?

MINKA: Yes! Nipple number one!

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Mega-Boobs Office
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Thursday, October 06, 2016

» Mariya Mills in The New Discovery

By Angelina Castro at 11:27 PM

New Discovery

New Discovery

Mariya Mills is our first New Discovery of the month. A friend of one of our photographers told him about Mariya and he knew she was an XL Girl at first sight. He told her about XL Girls, something new to her.

"I didn't know there were websites and magazines about girls with my type of body," Mariya said. "I thought photographers were interested only in skinny girls with silicone breasts." He showed her the site on his phone and he said her eyes widened. "She said to me, 'I think I can do some of that,'" our shooter relayed to us.

"I am single," Mariya said. "I go on dates sometimes but not often. I would like to get married. The guy has to be perfect for me so I wait for the right man. I haven't tried online dating yet. I am thinking about that."

"I liked making this video and the pictures very much. The photographer was very helpful. At first I felt shy and did not think I could carry on. He was supportive. I watched some videos of your girls and I learned from them. I think I have it."

Mariya does have it. A lot of it.

See More of Mariya Mills at XLGIRLS.COM!

New Discovery
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» Alexya in Seducer of Breast-men

By Angelina Castro at 7:00 PM

Seducer of Breast-men

She moves in mysterious ways. She has this bemused expression, especially during video chats that usually become giggle-fests. She busts out laughing when the photographer asks her if she was the bustiest girl in school.

Some have called Alexya's F-cup hangers the best they've ever seen in SCORE and Voluptuous. Beautifully shaped, Alexya's boobs are in perfect symmetry with her curvy yet slim frame. Physically, this is her time now at age 26.

SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote, "In the world of natural tits, there is general agreement that the greatest slim 'n' stacked hangers ever belong to Nicole Peters, Christy Marks and Devon Daniels. It might be time to enter Alexya into the Pantheon of Hangers."

Alexya is interested in skydiving. It's on her to-do list. "It sounds like it would be very exciting to fly in the air and scary, too. I watch videos on YouTube of this." We can't tell you why but almost every model tells us that they want to jump out of an airplane. In our opinion, muffdiving is a better sport.

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Seducer of Breast-men
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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

» Danni Lynne in Danni's Happy Hour

By Angelina Castro at 7:00 PM

Danni's Happy Hour

Don't ever turn down a cocktail from Danni Lynne. Who knows where it might lead you? This scene gives you one possibility.

"The funniest pick-up attempt I've gotten so far was 'Here's my phone number. I'll call you.' I don't know what he meant, and it didn't work!" Maybe the guy was boob-drunk being near Danni.

Danni is very comfortable being naked. "There are times when I don't want to wear clothes. If Eve never would've bitten that apple, we would've been naked anyway. That's how I see it. We should all never wear clothes."

Danni is a blend of "Hispanic, Japanese and black. The Japanese part is I have small feet. Size seven. A lot of people say it's in my eyes and my cheekbones, too. The Hispanic part is My breasts and my appetite. I eat everything. The black part is My attitude. It comes out sometimes."

See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAND.COM!

Danni's Happy Hour
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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

» Morgan Leigh and Summer Sinn in Sweater Stretchers

By Nikki Benz at 7:01 PM

Sweater Stretchers

The power of big tits in tight tops switches the male brain to stupid mode. This is a scientific fact that has been proven with brainwave scans and MRIs.

Sweater Stretchers dramatizes this phenomenon. Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh spend an hour in the SCORE Studio trying on sweaters and tight tops. Summer tells Morgan that she's gotten horny from all the boobie display and the feel of the fabric against her nipples. She asks Morgan to walk with her to the warehouse where JMac is unloading boxes of magazines for a few extra bucks on a slow day.

Summer hits him up and asks him if he has the time to take a few photos back at the studio. No one in his right mind would say no to that indecent proposal. Summer wants Morgan to stay and watch. If Morgan hangs out with them, Summer will be hornier. She'll orgasm harder having a busty hottie next to her. Summer also wants to suck Morgan's nipples and have Morgan suck her nipples while she gets a cock to stroke and fill her cunt. Morgan agrees. She's never seen another couple fuck in person before. She's watched full-sex videos but that's not the same thing as real people screwing a few centimeters away.

The girls decide to leave their sweaters on, leaving their bazooms exposed. Morgan's fascinated by how Summer uses her mouth on Mac's schvanz. Summer's highly-rated at cocksucking and tit-fucking. Morgan doesn't want to be a porn mega-star like Summer but she's absorbed by Summer's technique, nonetheless.

Summer gets off even more with Morgan staring at JMac banging the busty Bostonian. Summer especially wants Morgan to witness Mac spewing the contents of his testicles on her well-fucked hooters. She'd love to see Morgan have a taste. Summer got more than her sweater stretched and Morgan got an eyeful of two sex stars fucking for real.

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Sweater Stretchers
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Monday, October 03, 2016

» Diana in Mujer Hermosa

By Angelina Castro at 11:28 PM

Mujer Hermosa

Mujer Hermosa

Diana has a lot more to offer than most women... like H-cup tits which are not just huge beyond belief, but are also perfectly shaped. There's even more to Diana than you would guess. This Central American secretary designs and makes her own clothing, including lingerie.

"I love to be creative," Diana told the photographer who traveled with an assistant to film her. "Plus, it's hard to find sleepwear that fits me just right. My chest is so big that stores don't carry items that are large enough in that area. That's okay, because I can use my imagination and make things that are really exotic."

"It is a great feeling to know that men want to see me naked and that they appreciate my big chest. I hope one day the rest of the world will be able to appreciate a woman's body as a thing of beauty, instead of screaming in indignation. But I was a very happy woman before I started modeling and I am going to remain happy after it is over."

See More of Diana at XLGIRLS.COM!

Mujer Hermosa
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» Lillian Faye in Faye Day

By Angelina Castro at 7:02 PM

Faye Day

"I love a vibrator buzzing my clit and my fingers squirming in my pussy," said Lillian Faye. Whenever some of the SCORE staff go to lunch, none of the waitresses ever say that to us when they're handing out the menu, for some reason.

Lillian was a webcam girl when we found her, and since most webcam girls masturbate (a lot), Lillian was no novice to petting the kitty and was already "pre-loaded" as a model. She didn't need any photographic directorial advice. Her video that matches this photo shoot is a textbook example of how a girl should use her toys or fingers so her pussy is not blocked when she's paddling the pink canoe.

In a rare interview for SCOREtv, Lillian talked to host Dave and explained that she's actually a very shy person. On-cam, she's not shy but in the real world, not cyber world, she'll look away if a guy is staring at her chest.

"I'm shy but I'm not ashamed of my body," said Lillian. "I like my body. I'm comfortable with it, I like to show off my body."

Supposedly Lillian is back web-camming so we're looking into that. Maybe she'll make a comeback.

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Faye Day
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Sunday, October 02, 2016

» Paige Turner in The Hooter Holster Show

By Angelina Castro at 10:58 AM

The Over-The-Shoulder Hooter Holster Show

If anyone is qualified to try on bras, that girl is newcomer Paige Turner (November 2016 Voluptuous). She not only slips on some double-barreled booby holsters, she puts them to a rigorous test and talks about each one like the bra and breast expert she is. And while Paige is doing this, she's in eye-banging mode. Cameras were made for girls like Paige. Her boobie traps are set and no one who loves big-titted girls can escape.

"My biggest assets? Breasts, breasts and breasts," Paige tells us. "Honestly, I love makeup and wearing stripper heels. That makes me feel very sexy." Paige didn't know about SCORE until a customer at a club she danced in told her she should introduce herself and find out about modeling. Now that's a guy with an eye.

Writes V-mag editor Dave, "There is more to Paige than her big tits. She has a pretty face, long legs and a nice ass, too, and she has a voracious sexual appetite. The proof is in her videos. She masturbates every night before going to sleep. She likes clit stimulation and curved cocks. She once had sex in an ambulance."

Was that with a guy who passed out when she buried his face in her boobs?

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The Over-The-Shoulder Hooter Holster Show
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Saturday, October 01, 2016

» Tiggle Bitties in Jiggle & Giggle

By Angelina Castro at 10:58 AM

Jiggle &Giggle

Tiggle Bitties always looks like she's have a blast. Going bare seems to be her natural state. We can picture her walking and running nude in the woods, her big tits wildly bouncing, slapping and swinging.

SCORELAND: So Tiggle, do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Tiggle: Secretly, I totally love it. I think it's hot to watch.

SCORELAND: Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Tiggle: When I get really horny, absolutely!

SCORELAND: What is the craziest thing you've ever done in bed, either alone or with a boyfriend?

Tiggle: I really am not sure...

SCORELAND: What's something you have tried, but will never do again?

Tiggle: I am not a huge fan of sloppy BJs with a dildo but with the real thing...mmmm!

SCORELAND: Are you better at sucking cock or eating pussy?

Tiggle: I've had rave reviews both ways, so I'm not sure. I guess I've had more people tell me that I'm A-plus at cock than the other way around. It's very close though. Women want to lay back and enjoy the experience. They want you to take control, know what you're doing and make it happen. Men love the game. They want you to look up and play and they want you to treat them like a king but I know that I have the power because there are teeth in my mouth. It's a game. That's what a good BJ is, the game, and I like that.

SCORELAND: Has a guy ever cum before he got his cock in your mouth?

Tiggle: Yep. Just from seeing my tits. But that happened more in college. It happens more with younger guys.

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Jiggle &Giggle
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Friday, September 30, 2016

» Rachel Raxxx in American Boob Idol

By Sara Jay at 3:57 AM

American Boob Idol

Rachel Raxxx is auditioning for a singing role in record exec Jimmy Dix's next show. Rachel is 18 years old, beautiful, sweet and soft with an incredibly busty body. She has it all. Dix is icy, a hard critic and also a dick. He listens to Rachel sing and is not interested.

Rachel doesn't give up easily. She takes off her baggy top and shows him her unbelievable teenage 30JJ rack in a tight dress. He doesn't budge. Maybe he needs extra-special pressure from Rachel to get him to bend. She decides to turn on the heat and fry his shorts.

A girl who likes jet skiing, going to poetry slams and nice restaurants, Rachel didn't mention that she sings. She does in the video of this scene and she has a very nice voice. (A girl hasn't sang at SCORELAND since Angel Wicky debuted.)

"I like my breasts to be sucked on," Rachel said. "I enjoy sucking balls and having my neck and inner thighs kissed. My favorite position is 69."

Has Rachel watched her previous videos?

"Yes, alone. It's been a great eye-opener."

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American Boob Idol
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

» Angel DeLuca in Happy Hour

By Angelina Castro at 3:11 AM

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Shapely cocktail server Angel DeLuca has the sad task of telling you it's last call at the lounge. Now if you think you're done giving Angel a complete body scan with your eyes, you're mistaken. She's off the clock now and she's going to stick around and make sure she gives you a hard-on.

XLGirls: Angel, do you do household chores, like cleaning, topless or naked?

Angel: I like to vacuum in a tight, low-cut dress with six inch stilettos.

XLGirls: Nice. What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Angel: I would want to have Phoenix/Jean Grey's powers from X-Men.

XLGirls: Are you called by any pet names?

Angel: Usually it's "Open bobs BB" but I also get called Angel when they start looking at my face.

XLGirls: For editorial clarity, "Open bobs BB" is what some guys from non-English speaking countries will type when they're chatting with a cam girl. On the subject of "Show your boobs, baby," have your breasts ever fallen out of your top in public?

Angel: Once my wife's tit popped out during a Las Vegas dinner convention with Chaturbate. Does that count?

XLGirls: Not really. During a volleyball game on the beach was what we had in mind.

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Happy Hour
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» Patty Michova in High-Energy Hottie

By Vicky Vette at 3:07 AM

High-Energy Hottie

Slovakian hottie Patty Michova debuted in 2013. We've seen her wipe out two guys in threesomes, leaving porn studs exhausted in her wake. She takes pride in that talent. Now Patty's back for more after an absence of just over two years, looking as trim and sexy as she did in the beginning.

"I'm glad to be back at SCORE...the pictures and the videos come out great and I enjoyed seeing myself in the magazine," explained Patty. She speaks little English but she's fluent in German (she lives in Austria) and our interpreter speaks Slovak. All of the photographers have told us Patty's a doll and down-to-earth.

"I really enjoy what I do. This is fun and pleasure to me. I am treated well, I get to travel all over Europe, I have the best, always different sex experiences and I am compensated well. Work, to me, is the hard, boring labors of a factory girl or a shop girl who does the same thing every day all week and goes home tired. I want to say I have been very fortunate."

Next up: Patty models a sexy dress for a booty call. She doesn't stay dressed for long.

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High-Energy Hottie
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