Sunday, September 25, 2016

» Holly Wood in The Busty Bunny In A Cat Suit

By Nikki Benz at 3:08 AM

The Busty Bunny In A Cat Suit

That cat suit is like a second skin over Holly Wood's curvy body. Look how her full moon butt sticks out and her heavy hooters thrust forward. The high heels arch Holly's back for that extra oomph!

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Holly: Constantly! How did you know?

SCORELAND: Because we're boob scientists and we know these things. You also store things in your cleavage.

Holly: I haven't met a big boobed babe who doesn't! Totally guilty! Keys, phone, ID, cash, it's very convenient.

SCORELAND: And your breasts have fallen out of your top in public.

Holly: Yes. Many times when I am out dancing. I always wear low-cut dresses and tops, and I am very guilty of flashing those around me!

SCORELAND: Guilty as charged. What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Holly: I'm a very open minded person. And off the top of my head I can't think of anything. You can never say never!

SCORELAND: Do you read the comments that your fans write about you and are there any that you loved? You've sent us some.

Holly: I actually read all of them! I adore my fans and love knowing that they like what they see and want more!

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The Busty Bunny In A Cat Suit
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

» Daria is The Russian Girl With 34H Boobs

By Angelina Castro at 6:50 PM

A New SCORELAND Discovery

Daria is an exciting new discovery who's freshly graduated from university and wants to model. She's picked the right place. So many girls have started at SCORE that we've lost count.

An active, energetic, healthy 22-year-old Russian girl, Daria likes sports, swimming and biking in rural areas and parks. Sporting 34H natural boobs that hang and dangle beautifully, Daria puts on quite a breast show in her video. She can self-suck her own nipples too.

Now that Daria has a lot of free time after graduating, she wants to spend more time on her personal interests and more time with her friends. "My friends make me laugh the hardest," said Daria. "We do some crazy things together. It sounds strange but the arts and music drive me crazy. Being naked for pictures and videos...that got me very excited." As excited as she gets us looking at her?

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A New SCORELAND Discovery
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Friday, September 23, 2016

» Jordynn Luxxx in Wham Bam Ram Slam

By Angelina Castro at 2:11 AM

Wham Bam Ram Slam

Wham Bam Ram Slam

"I'm a nympho," says Jordynn LuXXX. "I'm always horny." Jordynn has proven this quite a few times at XL Girls with her wild, sweaty and explosive fuck scenes. This little, big-titted, big-assed babe really puts it out there.

Jordynn brings Carlos Rios over when her daddy is out working. She needs some hard, rough dick and she's ridden him before to her great satisfaction in a previous P.O.V. fling. She knows she's going to get a master blaster and she is eager to take anything he can dish out. Jordynn can watch this scene at home and take deep pride in her raw sexuality. "I love seeing me take that dick," Jordynn has told us. "I'm very talented at sucking cock." That she is. She swallows that weiner like the contestants at the annual Coney Island hot dog eating contest.

"The funniest thing a guy ever said to me was "I bet your shit tastes like ice cream. I totally couldn't keep a straight face. I laughed my ass off." She actually didn't because Carlos is squeezing it good here.

"I've had sex in public several times and I love it! I'm definitely into exhibition. One time while moving cross country, my husband and I stopped at a truck stop and had sex in the wide open while there were several other trucks and cars with people there. He bent me over outside of our moving truck."

That sounds just like Jordynn LuXXX.

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Wham Bam Ram Slam
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» Paige Turner in Banging The Window Washer

By Angelina Castro at 1:53 AM

Bangin' The Window Washer

Brick gets two warnings from the owner of a house whose windows he is going to clean. Warning one: do a good job. Warning two: stay away from his big-busted daughter or there will be trouble. Since his daughter is Paige Turner, there's going to be trouble. No man can resist Paige, not even a kung-fu monk.

Brick sees Paige and decides to clean her bedroom glass door first. Paige gets into bed and teases Brick. She's already making trouble. Paige walks over to the window and takes her massive tits out. She presses them against the glass and taunts him. But Paige is no cock teaser. She crooks her finger and signals him to come in. The first thing she does is give him mouth-to-mouth because she loves kissing. Brick feels up her voluptuous body and boobs, takes off her thong panties and squeezes her soft cans. You've got to work fast in the window cleaning business.

Paige takes his dick in hand and gifts him with a deep throating, sucking his shaft all the way down, drool dripping out of her hungry mouth. She sticks his soaked weiner between her twin flesh pillows and bounces on the bed. This lusty, busty girl really knows how to tit-bang. In an interview, Paige said "I can deep throat and I do an amazing Russian experience." Amazing is right. Getting on the bed, Paige opens her legs wide and spreads her pussy lips apart so Brick can enter the gates of heaven. See how Paige twerks and bounces when she's on top. She is one smashin' hottie and she likes it hard!

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Bangin' The Window Washer
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

» Katie Thornton in Hot College Tits Contest Winner

By Vicky Vette at 4:49 PM

A Tit Wank Fantasy

Student body contest winner Katie Thornton doesn't mean to stir up trouble on the campus. She's just built that way, as the saying goes, and she dresses to impress. What do they want her to do, wear a mu-mu? No way, not this girl. When Katie bounces on her way to class, every guy freezes and the female students and teachers give her dirty looks. Katie just smiles and goes her happy way while the boob-drunk guys fantasize about having a happy ending with her.

The principal has gotten enough reports about bubbly Miss Thornton to launch a serious investigation. He promises to look into the recent transfer from a British girls' school. She arrives at his office so he can address this situation but she's not worried or afraid. No way, not this girl.

The first thing she does in his office is introduce herself in her own special way. It's a very special way. The sight of her fantastic body and big tits stuns him senseless. The second thing Katie does to the now-paralyzed educator is to pull his pointer out of his pants, stick it in her mouth, suck it, jug-jerk it and stroke it until he busts all over her big, full bust. He's now learned what Katie majors in. Now she can go back to class.

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A Tit Wank Fantasy
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» Sarah Jane in Horny English Girl

By Angelina Castro at 2:13 AM

Horny English Girl

Horny English Girl

XLGirls: What have guys said to you when they tried to pull you?

Sarah Jane: The one that made me laugh was "I have nothing to declare but the fact that you should go out with me."

XLGirls: Where was the most-unusual place you have shagged?

Sarah Jane: In the back of a police car. It's something a girl doesn't forget.

XLGirls: Do you cum with women too?

Sarah Jane: Yes, I love it. I love when we play with toys together and try to cum at the same time.

XLGirls: Do you like anal?

Sarah Jane: I've never tried it but maybe I will one day.

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Horny English Girl
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

» Lila Payne in Mounds of Joy

By Angelina Castro at 2:26 AM

Mounds of Joy

Has Lila Payne ever had sex or been nude or flashed her big tits in public, either in Melbourne, Australia or in any of the countries she visits?

"Not so much. I'm more aroused by seclusion, like being in a cabin in the woods where you can make all the noise you want and no one can hear you. That really turns me on. I remember being felt up in the movies as a teenager. That was really hot.

"And, yeah, I get my boobs out in public sometimes 'cause it's fun. I like wearing no panties when I go to the bank or the post office, out to do my daily chores. Nobody knows it, of course, which makes it more fun."

Writes Chappy, "Lila is extremely beautiful. I can't believe she's from Melbourne. That's where I hail from. Please more of this stunner."

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Mounds of Joy
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

» Venice Knight in MILF of the Month

By Vicky Vette at 12:52 AM

MILF of the Month

"Doing porn is not what I thought it would be," Venice Knight told a TSG editor. "It's an art form and it's interesting. It's a whole new something to learn, which I love to do. And the best part of it is that I'm having sex with new people each time." Yeah, Venice is pretty liberal.

Venice is having a date night at a restaurant. She excuses herself to visit the ladies room. When she exits a stall, she spruces up her cock sucking lips with a little makeup. While she's doing that, her date can't wait and decides to check out what's going on with Venice.

Seeing her bent over the sink, her mini-skirt riding up to expose her ass cheeks, he decides to tap her right then and there because she's made him crazy. Venice is a sucker for spontaneous quickies and wants some action as badly as he wants her pussy and big natural tits. She worships his cock with a wet mouth and long tongue. No one worries about the waiter.

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MILF of the Month
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Monday, September 19, 2016

» Anna Kay in The Coed's All Nighter

By Angelina Castro at 3:56 AM

Coed's All Nighter

Coed's All Nighter

"I think I was either a D or a DD in school," said cutie-pie Anna Kay (More To Fuck on DVD). "I played basketball, volleyball and softball. In fact, around then, I had to quit sports because my boobs got too big for me to handle. It was just uncomfortable.

"I felt, like, they were just too big. I could never find any sports bras that would fit and it was a pain. I felt like everyone was staring at me when I'd be running up and down the court. And I felt like my boobs overshadowed my athletic skills. So I quit.

"I would say I am active nowadays. I don't necessarily work out, but I do a lot of skating and bowling. I play a lot of baseball with my family. Now I wear two sports bras when I'm doing anything active. And one is a little loose and one is usually a lot smaller so that it really pushes my breasts down and holds them in."

Has Anna ever woken up the neighbors when she was with a fuck buddy?

"I'm sure I have. But I don't think that it's something they wanted to complain about. I know roommates that have heard me fucking and masturbated to it. Like, 'Your sex sounds so awesome, I just had to tell you I masturbated to it!' And that was a female roommate!"

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Coed's All Nighter
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» Mia Starr in Masturbating Hot Biker

By Vicky Vette at 3:46 AM

Easy Rider

It was too dangerous for other drivers to let Mia Starr ride off dressed in that silver two-piece outfit so she mounted a hot bike between her legs but stayed put in the garage. A nearby mechanic's tool revved her engine up, a thrill of a different kind.

A dancer, Mia said her kinkiest experience ever was "Having sex on a car hood and having parking attendants watch." She likes masturbating in the tub. "Having the hot water running while I spend some alone time. I love masturbating because it's good for stress. An orgasm does the trick for me."

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Easy Rider
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

» Juliana Simms in The Big Scoreland Bra

By Angelina Castro at 8:21 PM

Breastfully Clean

Juliana Simms. A mirage of voluptuously curvy, shapely and alluring womanhood. Comely and well-proportioned and, like one of the flowers she cultivates, in full bloom.

SCORELAND: So, Juliana, how long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Juliana: Only three to four months.

SCORELAND: Do you put on your bra from the front or the back?

Juliana: From the front.

SCORELAND: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it's legal for men to be shirtless?

Juliana: Yes. For me, it is not a problem.

SCORELAND: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Juliana: "You want to be with me? Can you handle it?"

SCORELAND: When you are out with friends, what do you drink?

Juliana: I will have a Martini or a whiskey.

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Breastfully Clean
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

» Dolly Fox in Foxy Fishnets

By Angelina Castro at 1:59 PM

Foxy Fishnets

Dolly Fox has a love for big boobs that rivals and often surpasses the obsession that the most-breast-fixated guys have. And that's saying a mouthful. Dolly's favorite word for breasts is boobs (the least favorite is jugs). Check out Dolly's very flexible poses from photo 31 to 36, shot from a high angle. They have it all: face, boobs, pussy, ass and legs.

SCORELAND: Dolly, does having large breasts make your sex life more interesting?

Dolly: Yes, because guys are really excited to be with a woman with large breasts, but also it's exciting because women want to touch and play with them, and I've had quite a lot of offers to have sex with girls, and a lot of times I've done it. I want to finally meet some of the big-boobed American girls I have so much admiration for and I think Hitomi is very sexy. This is my special goal.

SCORELAND: Where is the one special spot to touch that makes you very horny?

Dolly: I think I have a few of these, but it's more how and who that's important. The right person could even do it without touching!

SCORELAND: What's the most impulsive thing you've ever done?

Dolly: A threesome with a second girl.

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Foxy Fishnets
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Friday, September 16, 2016

» Amaya May in It's A Fact: This Lady's Stacked

By Angelina Castro at 1:58 PM

It's A Fact: This Lady's Stacked

There's some pretty serious load losing going on because of busty, lusty Amaya May. She is the definitive definition of the term "brick house." Her heavy, giant, sun-kissed and tan-lined tits are super-natural. Wrote Johnny, "Amaya's first hardcore didn't disappoint. Her body was built for sex and her beauty is amazing. Not to mention those tits. Wow! I'm hoping there are many more scenes to come."

Now here's Amaya's encore hardcore at SCORELAND. "I'm very flexible," Amaya said. "And I like to get fucked. I'm not very shy as you can tell." Amaya said she was a little nervous before her first boy-girl scene. She didn't seem nervous at all and she was great bouncing while she was getting boned. It was not her first time on-camera since she does webcam (as "Giggle_4U" on MyFreecams) but it was her first time for a pro studio.

"When I was young and growing up, I hated my boobs," Amaya said. "Now it's like "'Holy Crap! Look at these.' I love the attention and the compliments. Sometimes I just wake up and start playing with them!" It's a no-brainer why all the guys who see Amaya want to get inside her deep cleavage and have a party.

See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!

It's A Fact: This Lady's Stacked
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

» Maserati in The Power of Maserati

By Angelina Castro at 3:23 AM

The Power of Maserati

The Power of Maserati

Maserati lays waste to her monokini in this shoot under the Miami sky, her first TSG shoot outdoors since her debut in 2011. She's never ceased to drive guys insane since she decided to become a nude model and porn star, one of the best and bustiest. She has the "Super-Wow" factor, a rarity out of millions of girls, and we're not the first to state this.

Maserati always had bigger boobs than most girls. "Girls hated me," Maserati said. "My nipples are always hard." She sported double-D cups in ninth grade and by the time she left high school she was a triple-D. "They just kept growing."

"Most guys like to get pounded in their face by my boobs," Maserati said. "When I'm fucking them on top, sometimes I need them to support my tits with their hands."

In a candid chat, Maserati talked about the difficulty of balancing her life as a celebrity and a regular girl.

"I want a guy who's okay with me being a lady and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets. I love that you jerk your cocks to me. I'm glad that you guys aren't tired of my big tits."

See More of Maserati at XLGIRLS.COM!

The Power of Maserati
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» Vanessa Y. in The Girl Can't Help It

By Vicky Vette at 3:21 AM

The Girl Can't Help It

The voting for Voluptuous Model of the Year 2015 was intense with Hitomi, a previous winner, going head-to-head with Liza Biggs and Vanessa Y. Ultimately, Vanessa hauled in the most votes.

B.B. echoed others with his comment about Vanessa, "What a Polish beauty she is, and she won Model of the Year. I love to gaze upon those big beautiful tits and that sweet, hairy pussy." Vanessa was surprised at her win. She met Hitomi in the Dominican Republic and thinks she's gorgeous.

Vanessa likes older men. They're interesting to her. "They have more understanding because of their experiences in life," said Vanessa. She's turned off by muscle-types after a bad experience. "I like every position in bed. I like doggie the best, I think. And I like when men bite me, lightly."

"I've tried having sex in public, once at a pub in one of the party rooms. It was small but nice and for sex, it was enough. No one saw us."

Vanessa likes to drive guys crazy," says her photographer. Got that right.

See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!

The Girl Can't Help It
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

» Amiee Roberts in Plump Tits and Plump Pussy

By Leanne Crow at 3:12 PM

Plump &Pink

Plump &Pink

Close to a year after her debut at XL Girls, Amiee Roberts decided to take the plunge and try a boy-girl scene. Compared to everyday sex, Amiee found the experience, in her words, "Much better, less drama attached. And I find it sexy to have sex with a professional stud. I can just let everything go." Newcomers often share this same point of view, even if they have zero plans to ever become professional porn stars.

XLGirls: So Amy, do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Amiee: At times I think role playing can be fun and arousing as well!

XLGirls: What is the craziest thing you've ever done in bed, either alone or with a boyfriend?

Amiee: I've masturbated while a guy was having his cock sucked by another woman.

XLGirls: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Amiee: I want to fly.

XLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Amiee: Goddess.

XLGirls: What do you consider the perks of having big breasts?

Amiee: A lot of attention from guys, and girls sometimes.

XLGirls: Have you ever dated a shorter guy whose face was level with your boobs?

Amiee: No, I haven't.

XLGirls: Hey, you're missing out. Thanks, Amiee.

See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!

Plump &Pink
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» Bambi Blacks in The Big Tits Creampie Queen

By Nikki Benz at 3:06 PM

The Wild One

Bambi Blacks from Sheffield, England is a human tornado of big tits and porn-sex. She went to high school in Chicago, eventually moving back to England. Today, she's known as the "Creampie Queen" in the UK, after getting into the porn scene in 2013. Now she's creating a XXX shagedelic empire with the help of her team of dirty girlfriends.

"I love threesomes with girls and a guy," said Bambi, who's all in when it comes to wild sex games with pussies and dicks. She likes to go on dates to swingers' clubs and that's how she moved into naked modeling and porn. "I love threesomes. When I suck cock I spit because I like to see the cum. I have a group of girlfriends who have fun with me and love cocks and cum too."

"One of my kinkiest parties was tying a girl up and watching my boyfriend fuck her and give her a creampie. I don't get a chance to masturbate often as I'm so sexually active in my porn life and my private life."

Every girl has her level of modeling and porn-sex. Bambi's level of porn-sex is as filthy as it can get. In her next appearance, she gets her creampie.

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The Wild One
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Monday, September 12, 2016

» Sienna Hills in Blonde Pussy For Stone

By Angelina Castro at 5:58 PM

Blonde Pussy For Stone

Blonde Pussy For Stone

Seeing as how Sienna loves big, ebony dicks and the guys who like to bury them in busty, white blondes, XL Girls hooked up Sienna with Lucas for a hot afternoon of fucking and sucking, just the way she likes it.

"I love my body and I'm proud of it and I like to show it off," Sienna often tells us. Lucas gets to stuff his thick slab into Sienna's pussy and between her huge, fleshy jugs and Sienna gets the chocolate fuck-club she loves. That's a fair trade. "I really love oral sex and I give a really good blow job. I love to give head and I love to have my pussy licked."

Sienna is the only girl we ever met who owned her own newsstand in Little Rock, Arkansas. She sold TSG magazines and DVDs. There a collection of photos in Sienna's Model Page.

See More of Sienna Hills at XLGIRLS.COM!

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» Shione Cooper in Hot As Hell

By Vicky Vette at 5:57 PM

Hot As Hell

SCORE went to Europe to hook up with Shione Cooper, a beautiful brunette with a porcelain doll face and gorgeous body. Shione spoke with a SCORE staffer to talk about her life, her interests and her background. And then she jumped into a game of hide the Czech sausage. It turned out that this erotic doll was actually very shy. But she was not shy about releasing her fiery sexuality and super-libido when the camera lights started popping. Shione later became a models' agent herself.

See More of Shione Cooper at SCORELAND.COM!

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

» Joana Bliss in Juicy Fruits

By Angelina Castro at 9:13 PM

Juicy Fruits

Here's someone who should have her own foodie TV show, one of the world's greatest naturals, Joana Bliss. She wouldn't need to prepare any meals. Just play with fruit. Squeeze oranges so that the juice runs down her buxom body, past her voluptuous breasts and down to her pussy. Suck and lick bananas. Tickle her nipples with watermelon slices. It would be pure kitchen magic.

Super-seductive Joana watches her videos as they appear at SCORELAND. Sometimes she watches them alone, sometimes with a friend. She doesn't get it on when she watches but she does find them exciting to watch and she likes to critique her moves and how she looks.

"I hope everyone likes my photos and videos as much as I enjoyed making them. Sometimes I cannot believe I have been doing this so long. Many girls model for a few years and then it's over. You never see them again. So I am lucky to have loyal fans who want to keep seeing me."

See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!

Juicy Fruits
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

» Minka Returns

By Angelina Castro at 2:07 AM

Minka Returns

It's been a few years since Minka's visited SCORE and in all that time, the emails and letters have come in from fans asking when the mega-boob star would be back. That time is now. Minka's finally returned for all-new solos and hardcore action.

Back home in Las Vegas, Minka keeps busy playing tennis (she's incredibly fit from hours on the court every day) and traveling for tournaments, raising her vegetable garden, caring for her many dogs, working on her website and in general enjoying life. She's still an eating machine and the Vegas casino buffet managers tremble when she walks in, yet she never gains a pound.

"Every woman has a pussy, but they don't have these tits," Minka said in what could be the understatement of the century. "Other women don't have nipples like mine. I have huge nipples, so men love it. Most guys really just want to fuck my titties. They want to feel them, suck them, and then they want to fuck them. Any girl can give them a blow job."

See More of Minka at SCORELAND.COM!

Minka Returns
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Friday, September 09, 2016

» Sheridan Love in Hypnosis For Sex

By Angelina Castro at 2:06 AM

Hypnosis For Sex

We see a man in an office reading a book called "Hypnosis For Sex." Then we see who he wants to put under a hypnotic trance and bang. His stacked office assistant looks a lot like Sheridan Love. No wonder he wants to pump her.

His big-titted secretary shows no signs of attraction to him so after exhausting all techniques, he spotted an ad for this book. It promises a lot, namely a lot of hot chicks and the surefire way to have a lot of sex with them. So he orders it. It's only money. This is a snarky way to get a foxy piece of ass but he's desperate to lay the wood to this beauty.

Calling her into his office, he tells her to take some dictation and repeats the words straight out of the book. As she listens and writes them down, it puts her in a relaxed and open state of mind. She enters a trance and becomes receptive to his direction and his cock for the first time.

Coming around her, he puts his hands on her big hot tits. She responds the way the author claimed and she doesn't smack his hands away. The book worked. He takes off her curve-hugging tank dress to reveal her incredibly shapely body in all its glory. She kneels and opens her mouth wide for his tool. Pumping her drooling mouth, he plans out the rest of the afternoon turning his office into a private fuck palace with a girl he's dreamed of for months.

This is one book that backed up its wild claims.

See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!

Hypnosis For Sex
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Thursday, September 08, 2016

» Paige Turner in Do Natural Boobs Float?

By Angelina Castro at 2:05 AM

Do Natural Boobs Float?

One SCORELAND member who wants to remain anonymous writes about Paige Turner (November '16, January '17 Voluptuous), "I've been a member since the start and this is my new favorite model." Considering all of the girls featured over the years, that's quite a compliment.

Paige Turner busts out of her skimpy bikini at poolside and puts on a show that's hotter than the Miami sun. This pictorial differs from the video in several ways. Paige doesn't get in the pool and she doesn't go inside the house to spank one out. It's shot entirely outdoors.

"I was always picked on at school for being so busty," said Paige. Now they try to pick her up. The tables have turned.

Having big tits doesn't mean a girl has a big sexual appetite but Paige does. She loves clit stimulation. She loves curved dicks. She masturbates every night before she goes to sleep. She was eager and charged up for her first sex show with professional X-man Tony. Yes, Paige started off with a bang. All because a SCORE reader recommended she try big boob modeling.

See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!

Do Natural Boobs Float?
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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

» June Summers in Busted

By Sara Jay at 4:23 AM


One tough cop. June Summers is one tough probation officer. She carries a badge and packs a big bra. Badge number 40-26-36.

The busty redhead does not take any shit from the miscreants and perverts she has to keep an eye on. It's a dirty job but June has the right tools for the job. In fact, her mind is dirtier than the slime she has to keep in line.

June checks up on this one greasy low-life, making sure that he is obeying the law and staying a decent citizen. She's ready to show him how she keeps her wards on the up and up. June also makes sure his shaft is on the up and up. Looks like this dirtbag is carrying a concealed weapon in his underwear. Who does he think he is? A politician? June's going to have to check him out.

June Summers: Undercover Cop. The poster girl of cell block 34FF. There is no nightstick she cannot handle.

See More of June Summers at SCORELAND.COM!

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» Samantha Sanders in Bubbles and Boobs

By Angelina Castro at 1:59 AM

Bubbles &Boobs

Bubbles &Boobs

"I buy different types of bras for different reasons," says our longtime British bathing bra-buster Samantha Sanders. "Some that fit me and some that make my cleavage look bigger. I usually buy bras online. When I go out I show off my boobs. If you've got it, flaunt it! I get loads of attention and I love it."

"The only time I don't wear a bra is in bed. My partners like to see my breasts bounce when they shag me and how could they suck on my nipples if I have my bra on?"

"My tit wanks are very good," adds Sam, who's not boasting. You've seen the proof. She can engulf her bed-mates' chubbies with her 34JJ pillows and likes to see them covered in spunk after they give her a proper hard fucking and a good tongue lashing.

See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!

Bubbles &Boobs
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» Ms Yummy in A Yummy Girl

By Sara Jay at 1:55 AM

A Yummy Girl

Ms. Yummy has got it coming and she's got it going. Big tits headed your way and junk in the trunk as she leaves you behind. She offers the best of both worlds for the man who likes 'em voluptuous, bodacious and bountiful.

Ms. Yummy gives herself a good workout with not one but two items from the Doc Johnson ladies' home companion collection. "I masturbate every week if I need to," Ms. Yummy explained.

"I can squirt and give good head," said Ms. Yummy, listing her considerable assets. "I'm a great organizer. I can sing. I'm a good driver. I have huge breasts." With those qualifications, Ms. Yummy has big things ahead of her.

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A Yummy Girl
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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

» Rose Valentina in Tits Bigger Than Your Head

By Angelina Castro at 4:25 AM

Tits Bigger Than Your Head

Tits Bigger Than Your Head

What type of man gives Rose Valentina (My Big Plump Wedding) a lady boner?

"I'm an equal opportunity employer," Rose said. "If you've got it, you've got it. It's not all about looks, I'm not shallow. I do have to be physically attracted to the guy but you could have a six pack or be chubby. If you make me laugh that's all that matters."

In her free time, Rose keeps herself available but has a playbook she lives by. "My best friend and I go to the gym or we lay out at the beach. People will definitely remember me if I come back to a club. They might not remember my name, but they'll remember my boobs. They get me to the front of the line. We check out all the cute guys. It doesn't matter what we do, we make sure we get out and we're not at home staring at each other.

"I'm a nice Jewish girl. Kind of. I try to be. But just because I did porn doesn't mean I'm going to have one-night stands. I still have the same morals. I wasn't promiscuous before doing porn so that's not going to change. Obviously I love sex but I'm not going to go around and just fuck any guy I meet on the street."

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Tits Bigger Than Your Head
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Monday, September 05, 2016

» Bust Cream For Alix Lakehurst

By Angelina Castro at 4:24 AM

Bust Cream For Alix Lakehurst

Bust Cream For Alix Lakehurst

Alix Lakehurst admires herself in the mirror. She has a great, succulent rack that Jarrod admires. These porn dudes have the life, eh? He reassures her by giving her huge jugs the attention they deserve. Alix is rubbed down with skin cream by her booty call buddy which gets them both so worked up, only fucking can relieve the pressure.

Having her nipples creamed and sucked makes her pussy self-lubricate. She wants a stiffy after this breast massage and nipple sucking. If this dude had left her high and dry, she probably would have masturbated with a big dildo. For a girl like Alix, cock is always more satisfying.

After lavishing this care on her sweater-globes, he slips her the ol' meat roll. Her mouth wraps tightly around his schvanz, sucking the shaft in preparation for slipping into her tight, pink slit. Her reward for being a hot fuck is the gift of nut-juice on her face and tits, chock full of creamy goodness for a girl to swallow.

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Bust Cream For Alix Lakehurst
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» Christy Marks in Christy The Cabbie

By Vicky Vette at 4:22 AM

Christy The Cabbie

Don't tell us you can think of a better cabdriver than Christy Marks. Who better than Christy to take you exactly where you want to go when that destination is hooter heaven. This fare finds out how far his meter can run when he gets to ride Christy's sweet pussy. Never in the history of hack-dom has there been a cabbie built like Christy. We admit she's a little rough on the wheel taking curves.

The taxi commission knows how long a line builds up at her cab stand and in the words of the cigar-chompin' taxi commissioner, "I wish I had 50 more drivers like Christy! She makes the rest of the drivers look like the bums they are!" It does get a bit cramped for some of the more intricate sexual positions that Christy can get her legs into so she often finishes fucking outside. This also keeps the cab's upholstery from getting stained.

Christy would rather scoop it up in her cleavage and lick it off anyway. But her days as a cabbie may be ending. Uber is cutting into her action so she's saving up to buy her own limo and start her own car service. There will be plenty of leg room in that chariot.

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Christy The Cabbie
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Sunday, September 04, 2016

» Tiggle Bitties in Big Juicy Tits

By Angelina Castro at 4:24 PM

Full &Juicy

The tape on the eyeglasses. Those terrifying orange shoes. Where's the shirt pocket protector or is that a geek guy thing? Tiggle Bitties has joined the Nerdist Party for this study session in a geek girl's bedroom.

What would Tig really wear going out unless she was planning to run naked in the woods?

"I am probably wearing fitted jeans and a belt because I have a nice butt, and I like to show it off, and then I'll wear a wrap shirt so I can control how much cleavage I'm showing. I can decide where to tie it. I can loosen it to make it lower."

As soon as the shirt comes off, we can see Tig tug on her breasts and she's really--we mean really--a great tugger. Tricks are for tits with Tig. She knows what real breast-men want to see.

SCORELAND: Tig, do you watch adult videos at home, besides yours? What kind do you like?

Tiggle: Of course I do! I like group scenes and REAL girl-on-girl scenes, not the gross fake ones.

SCORELAND: Do you go to nude beaches or adult resorts?

Tiggle: I don't...yet. But I would be totally thrilled to do that! Who wants to take me?

SCORELAND: You're not a stripper. Do you ever go to strip clubs as a customer and watch the girls?

Tiggle: Totally! Usually with my best friend. [Laughs]

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Full &Juicy
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Saturday, September 03, 2016

» Alexya in The Nude Shower Show

By Angelina Castro at 2:35 AM

The Shower Show

Slipped into skintight jeans and a tank top over a bra, Alexya enters the picture to pull her magic on any guy who looks at her. And then she basically owns him. Alexya is prettier than most major movie stars and has a much better body. Any Hollywood actress or fashion model stacked up against her in a face and figure contest would have a tough time of it.

Shedding her hot chick outfit (this girl knows how to dress), Alexya enters the shower with her sponge and her body wash gel and gets busy. It was a good day when Alexya accepted an invitation to model at SCORE. The requests to see more of her with various scene ideas continue to come in. The most-basic of these requests is seeing Alexya naked and barefoot. This shower scene fits that bill.

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The Shower Show
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