Monday, January 16, 2017

» Alexis Fawx Sex Video in The Big Stiff

By Vicky Vette at 7:04 AM

Recently divorced, busty Alexis Fawx enters a bar looking to embrace her newfound singularity. But Ms. Fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her dripping wet pussy! For this isn’t your typical bar—it’s a place for cougars to order their very own personalized dicking! Luckily for her, bartender Mike Mancini is ready to serve this MILF a big, stiff drink—of his fresh cum, that is!
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

» Stefania Kinskih in Stefania's Tan-Lined Tits

By Nikki Benz at 6:17 PM

Stefania's Tan-Lined Tits

It's Stefania Kinskih's first time as a model. She enjoys taking photos, the usual selfies and vacation photos, but had never modeled like this before, with her big boobs out. Stefania found us and let us know she wanted to join the big show. She has nicely-shaped, big, tan-lined, natural tits that really catch the eye.

"When I'm with a guy, I love to tease him by wearing sexy lingerie but I will reward him by cooking something for him wearing simply nothing," Stefania said. Ukrainian women, including models, love to cook. Merilyn Sakova and Sha Rizel are Ukrainians who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Merilyn once cooked a full meal on video.

Stefania likes comedies and has a big heart for dogs and cats. She enjoys a day at the beach and going out on dates, basic stuff like dinner and dancing. Is sex on the first date an option? "It hasn't happened with me yet. But it depends on how a man is treating me. I would not say it will never happen."

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Stefania's Tan-Lined Tits
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

» Shay Fox in Shay's office creampie

By Angelina Castro at 6:20 PM

Shay's office creampie

Shay's office creampie

Shay Fox, a big-titted 45-year-old divorcee, sucks and fucks cock and gets a creampie in this scene, but we thought you'd like to know a little bit more about her.

She's from Southern California, born and raised.

She's divorced. She's also a mom.

Her tits are DDD-cups. Her pussy is shaved.

She describes her special talent as "giving sloppy blow jobs."

We asked her if she was the bustiest girl in school, and she said, "No, the redheaded girl was." But we're betting the redhead girl doesn't look as good now as Shay does.

She works out. A lot. She's a fitness competitor. You can tell by her body.

She doesn't watch sports, but she loves men in tight pants.

She enjoys having her asshole licked.

Sex in public places?

"Sure! Nowhere is out of the question."

We're glad to hear that. We're glad she decided to have sex in our studio. So was the guy who's fucking her in this video. They have office sex. Shay is the sexy office hottie in a tight top. She's fucking herself with a dildo right there in the office when one of her co-workers walks in.

"Shay, you're going to get fired if you keep doing this!" he warns her.

No biggie. Her side job as a porn star is a lot more fun.

Shay's office creampie
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» Danni Lynne in Tit-Fucker's Dream Girl

By Nikki Benz at 6:16 PM

Tit-Fucker's Dream Girl

The fastest a guy has ever cum with Danni Lynne...?

"As soon as he went in!" said Danni. "He was in and had to pull out. He had a condom on, but he went in and said, 'I'm done.' I said, 'What? What about me?' I gave him a pass. He was a foreigner. Sometimes their English is a little choppy. I knew what he meant, that he came. I wasn't expecting it. I was mad. I was upset. I was horny."

No such problem at SCORELAND when Danni meets up with JMac again to try on a variety of hooter-holsters in a bra-vo bra show. Danni likes playing dress-up and doing role-playing sex games. The sight of her 36EEE naturals in and out of bras leads to extended tit-fucking on her back. This is a girl whose soft, jiggly jugs can bury cock and that's exactly what happens.

Danni flips over and sucks cock, then gets on her hands and knees. JMac pulls her panties off, lines up her ass and slides into her tight pussy for a boning from behind (Danni's favorite position), for starters.

Never underestimate the power of big boobs. Especially the big boobs of Danni Lynne.

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Tit-Fucker's Dream Girl
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

» Kitana Flores Has Two Sides Both Wild

By Angelina Castro at 6:15 PM

Kitana Has Two Sides. Both Wild.

South Beach babe Kitana Flores stops traffic when she walks to the beach. She's one of SCORELAND's hottest girls and her hardcore scenes are the proof but she's just as smokin' when she's getting down by herself.

"I swim a lot and I dance a lot," said Kitana about how she keeps her bod in perfect shape. "I do a lot of dancing at home. And I ride bikes. I do everything. I keep myself very busy with activities. I like playing volleyball and tennis, too."

Plus lots of sex.

"My nipples are very sensitive, so if a guy starts there and slowly works down my body, he's going to find that my pussy is already very wet before he even does anything to it. I like my ass spanked hard. You gotta leave a handprint there afterwards so I know you did the job."

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Kitana Has Two Sides. Both Wild.
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Monday, January 09, 2017

» Angel Gee in Heavenly Hooters

By Vicky Vette at 6:14 PM

Heavenly Hooters

Angel Gee, a green-eyed and wide-eyed blonde who hits the 36F-cup mark, loves big tits. She worships hers. In a world that often belittles large chests and the girls who have them, her devoted attitude is a pleasure. You can safely say that a large part of Angel's world revolves around tits, the bigger, the better. She loves dressing in the hottest outfits and the highest heels, not just for mankind but for her own pleasure.

A stripper, Angel knew about SCORE for years and had seen the print magazine several times, then saw one of our model search ads and applied. "I loved my experience," Angel said about her first time. "The people in the studio are fabulous. They make you feel right at home. They make you feel like a princess. At first, I was really nervous. And then I didn't want to leave."

Angel got her nipples and her clit hood pierced and loves the pleasure she gets from them, especially during masturbation or when getting fucked. and also from the feeling of her nipples rubbing against her tops.

How much do Angel's boobs weigh? "I honestly have never weighed them," Angel told us. "Everybody asks me that. They say to me, 'They must weigh ten pounds apiece,' but I've never weighed them myself." She gets plenty of volunteers asking if she ever needs a hand or two doing that.

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Heavenly Hooters
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Sunday, January 08, 2017

» Tia Clegg in Tia Is A Babe

By Nikki Benz at 6:13 PM

Tia Is A Babe

Britain's Tia Clegg is a dancer, model and Babestation presenter like Daniella Levy. Babestation is a British TV sex lines show that lets viewers chat with hot models through phone or text messages while they watch her on TV...dirty chats, naturally. Meanwhile, the girls hold a phone while the other hand gets busy. This gives new meaning to the phrase, "Please hold."

This is Tia's first time at SCORELAND.

SCORELAND: How did you get started as a model?

Tia: I started doing regular modeling and I was in several beauty contests. Then I decided to get naughty. Now I like to play with my big boobs and my pussy. I also like dominating. I like to be in control.

SCORELAND: What's your favorite place for sex?

Tia: I like having sex outdoors. All of my top sexual experiences have been in public places, really. I just love it. It makes me wet.

SCORELAND: What about sex on the first date?

Tia: No. But if it feels right, then I will.

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Tia Is A Babe
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Saturday, January 07, 2017

» Milly Marks in Hottie Boombalottie

By Vicky Vette at 6:09 PM

Hottie Boombalottie

This is a Milly Marks takeover. We offer no resistance, for resistance is futile against a beautiful hottie like her. In fact, SCORE's head honcho said, "Schedule another Milly scene ASAP!"

Milly rocks a sheer body suit that's seriously strained under those magnificent 36HH bra-busters--pale with wide, prominent areolas. Milly can self-suck her own nipples, a rare talent that's hard to see, even at SCORELAND or XL Girls.

"Talent? Well, I'm really good at bringing all of the groceries into the house in one trip," joked Milly, who's also talented at shooting out funny zingers. She has a good sense of humor.

"I used to play flag football for fun. I wasn't good at it but it kept me active. It's a big thing in the little town I grew up in. Now I'm scared to join a sport because I don't want to get hit in the face with my giant boobs."

Milly said her most-fun job was as a nanny. We hope she likes this one even better.

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Hottie Boombalottie
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Friday, January 06, 2017

» Dulcinea in How to score with sexy girls

By Tessa Fowler at 11:11 AM

How To SCORE With Sexy Girls

Dulcinea is renting a house from an "art collector." He eyes the chesty and leggy brunette and knows a work of living art when he sees one. She enters the house wearing a tight, low-cut top that show off her treasures and ass-hugging shorts. Brick figures he should throw a proper housewarming party for his new renter and Dulcinea is game for that.

SCORELAND: Did you see the scenes you shot last time in our studio?

Dulcinea: Yes! I couldn't wait to watch them.

SCORELAND: Did you watch them alone or with somebody?

Dulcinea: My partner and I watched all of them together, but I've also shown them to several of my friends. In fact, my best friend from high school was really proud of me so he watched most of them with his girlfriend, as well.

SCORELAND: What did you think?

Dulcinea: I absolutely could not believe it was me, really. I'm typically so shy, but I feel like being in front of a camera is my calling! It's like I just sort of blossomed. It was also a huge turn on to see that I could hold my own with pro cocks. Everyone has been so supportive. The best reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. He was so stoked I did modeling, so he wanted to watch it before he and his wife played with my partner and I. It was easy to tell he was really enjoying watching me because he got crazy hard in the first few seconds. I was too nervous to make the first move, but I should've gotten things started by sucking his cock right there!

SCORELAND: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Dulcinea: Not yet but I plan to with my new scenes, for sure!

SCORELAND: Has shooting your original scenes changed you at all?

Dulcinea: Yes, incredibly so! I used to be so self-conscious of my body and my own sexuality. After coming here and being treated like a queen-- getting my hair and makeup done, being styled, and getting to fuck insanely hot guys! --there was no way I could go back to being quiet, bashful, little ol' me! I'm much more confident approaching people now, because I see myself as sexy.

SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex? It's not like watching yourself in a video but it can come close.

Dulcinea: Absolutely! I used to have a headboard that was a mirror, which was always epic. Mirrors are especially fun during orgies and group sex.

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How To SCORE With Sexy Girls
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Thursday, January 05, 2017

» Elle Flynn in Sin With Flynn

By Kelly Madison at 11:10 AM

Sin With Flynn

Elle Flynn is looking bustier than ever and she was already busting her bra straps during her trips to SCORELAND. She's the answer to a tit-man's prayer for a girl packing all-natural, major sweatermeat. It's been over two years since her last appearance. And now Elle's back for more. A TSG editor had asked about Elle in February of 2016 and what she was up to. And then months later, an email from Elle with recent at-home photos came in.

"After years of guessing, I finally got a bra fitting," Elle said. "I'm officially a 34HH. I had to move into European sizes. Their underwire is made of rebar. Ha! I'm kidding! But they are sturdy." They would need to be with tits that heavy.

So where's Elle been? When we first photographed her, she was a bartender in Utah. Last we knew she was living in Las Vegas.

Elle has seen all of her scenes, usually with someone, and she did fuck as they watched them. "It was almost like I wasn't seeing myself but instead, a naughty doppleganger. No matter who's watching them with me, his jaw drops and the blood rushes from his cranium."

Elle is now a Love Ranch Girl in Crystal, Nevada, near Las Vegas. She saw an ad and she applied. It's not surprising considering how eager and hot she was to get boned here. She can fuck your brains out.

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Sin With Flynn
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

» Danielle Derek say's Coffee, Tea Or Me?

By Angelina Castro at 12:44 AM

Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Danielle Derek is making up for lost time away from SCORE with this rockin' anal scene. With girls or with guys, Danielle is one ultra-hot babe. Her tiny, slim body topped by supersized tits has made distracted guys walk into parking meters back home in Brooklyn, New York.

When Danielle wakes up, she's horny. Jimmy is in the dining room reading the newspaper. Danielle squeezes into a skimpy shorts and a halter top that jacks up her big, thrusting tits. That'll get Jimmy charged for action. Or maybe not because he keeps his head buried in his paper, oblivious to her fantasy-slut look and her come-on.

This doesn't sit well with Danielle, who has to ask him several times if he wants to fuck her in the ass. He still doesn't get the message so Danielle leaves the kitchen where she's been making him an iced coffee and bounces over to him, demanding the hard cock. What Danielle wants, Danielle gets and what she wants is to gargle and gag on his dick and get butt-boned in a boiling-hot fuck scene. When it comes to boiling-hot fuck scenes, no one boils it better than Danielle.

Does Danielle watch her scenes with any guy friends?

"Other girls' scenes, yes," Danielle replied. "But with my scenes, I want the guy focused on my pussy. He doesn't need to be focused on me in my videos."

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Coffee, Tea Or Me?
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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

» Lexxi Tyler in Babes Who Kill Bikinis

By Nikki Benz at 1:37 AM

Babes Who Kill Bikinis: Lexxi Tyler

Lexxi Tyler gets her 34E bras custom made at the famous Trashy Lingerie store in Los Angeles. She's bi-sexual and leans more towards girls even though she fucks guys too. It depends on her mood.

"Women are so much sexier and just know how to caress another woman better than most guys," Lexxi says. She should know. She once licked and dicked Kianna Dior with a strap-on.

"Men are so much more...dominating and rough. I go for big-boobed blondes...kinda like me. Like the Barbie doll-looking blonde. I go to a lot of parties and events in the adult business and girls hit on me all the time. Guys too, but lots and lots of girls.

"Girls don't use pick-up lines like some guys do. Guys will say things like 'You and me should go out because we're both Italians' and other things like that. Come on, can't they think of better things to say? My girlfriends and I will check out guys at parties like guys check out girls. We make comments about their asses, their bulges, their arms and their faces and we rate them, just like guys rate girls."

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Babes Who Kill Bikinis: Lexxi Tyler
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Monday, January 02, 2017

» Morgan Leigh in The Factory Girl

By Angelina Castro at 1:37 AM

Factory Girl

Now what's a girl like Morgan doing in a dank, gloomy industrial warehouse, seemingly bound to a pallet? After all, this is the Sunshine State. Don't forget, we're talking about a hottie with a degree in Food Science who managed technical systems in food manufacturing and developed new products for her company before she caught modeling fever on the Boob Cruise.

For starters, Morgan's showing off that great body in tiny shorts and a see-through mesh top. If you're a booty man, this one's for you also. When it came to toy play, she knew exactly how to use them and hold them so you could actually see it going into her shaved-slick pussy. Morgan called her breasts her "line crashers." "My boobs are so big, I can knock people aside," explained Morgan. "Big boobs have many advantages, too many to mention."

Fellow SCORE Girl Daphne Rosen said, "I loved making Busty 'N Wet with Morgan in Miami and meeting fans with her and Danielle Derek at the SCORE booth in Las Vegas. She was so much fun and so nice to spend time with."

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Factory Girl
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Sunday, January 01, 2017

» Rachel Raxxx in Workout With Rachel

By Vicky Vette at 1:36 AM

Workout With Rachel

We join Rachel Raxxx at the mirrored SCORE gym for a workout. All the equipment is here. Weights, mats, vibrating wand. Wand? Well, that's for the cool-down phase along with dousing her unforgettable hooters with water. In school, which wasn't so long ago since she's only 19 years old, Rachel was very sporty. Track. Discus. Cross-country.

"I was actually the slowest runner because I couldn't move as fast," Rachel said. "My boobs never fell out when I ran, not with the bandage and the sports bra and the tight shirt. It held them, but it made it harder to breathe. Discus was a lot easier. So was shot-put. You throw a weighted ball as far as you can. You throw it underhand. They're little balls, and you turn your body and swing it and throw it."

She had us at "little balls."

"I've always been small underneath, around my waist so my boobs are popping out. They've always been the biggest part of my body since, like, seventh grade. This is the biggest I've ever been. [Rachel's bust is 30JJ at last measure. Don't forget she's still growing.] I don't eat red meat. No pork, no beef, mostly chicken, fish and vegetables."

Rachel is an anatomy award winner in our book. In this pictorial, she gives us some very hot athletic moves and poses that are also great tit shots, such as #'s 23, 28, 29, 48--the bouncing boobs series--and 80.

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Workout With Rachel
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Saturday, December 31, 2016

» Katie Thornton in Happy Nude Year

By Kelly Madison at 9:32 AM

Happy Nude Year

The New Year is bustin' in and Katie Thornton is bustin' out in celebration. Make that two Katies as she checks out her reflection in our magic mirror. SCORE Newcomer of 2016 Katie is in the running for Model of the Year 2016.

Manchester's most famous local, Katie was 18 years old when she became a model. She'd sent her photos to an agency and two days after her 18th birthday, she was modeling on the Continent. Being in SCORE magazine on news racks around the world has gotten Katie out there big time.

Today, Katie also has her own beauty salon and her goal is to operate a chain of salons. She can be their poster girl and be a TV spokesmodel for it with her looks.

"I get recognized a lot by people in the UK and I'm starting to be recognized in Europe," said Katie, who calls herself a "passport stamp collector." The tabloid paparazzi follow her around like minions and are always hyper when they spot her in a club or a party. Let's face it, every day you get to look at Katie is a party.

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Happy Nude Year
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Friday, December 30, 2016

» Maggie Green in The Green Party Tits

By Vicky Vette at 9:30 AM

The Green Party

It's a Green party as Maggie Green hooks up with X-Man Jimmy. He wants to power fuck Maggie and then coat the sexy blonde's big natural tits with X-Man jizz. But first, some celebratory champagne on her nipple and his dick. Maggie is Jimmy's play-mate for the day, his to do with as he wishes, so he sucks her nipples and face-fucks her first.

Maggie swallows his shaft, gags on it and drools all over it in a nice, messy, sloppy blow job. He tit-fucks her, followed by a hard boning. This is the second time he's been lucky enough to bang Maggie, the first in an office as her micro-managing supervisor who catches her looking at porn during business hours.

SCORELAND: What is the best thing that has ever happened to you because of your boobs?

Maggie: My boobs have opened many doors for me but the best thing was getting my first modeling offer for a busty pinup website.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do for fun?

Maggie: I love running, biking, playing with my dog, drinking wine and watching movies, flashing strangers in public, laying on the beach watching hot chicks in bikinis, traveling, dancing and sleeping.

SCORELAND: How do you rate your sex drive from 1, low to 10, high?

Maggie: 11! Once I have sex, I want more! And then more!

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The Green Party
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

» Daria in Oil Big Tits In Bed

By Angelina Castro at 9:29 AM

Oily To Bed

This young beauty recently graduated university and was exploring her options. Like most girls in her early 20s, Daria wants to have fun and try new things. When the opportunity came up for the big-boobed knockout to get naked and show off her sweet stuff on-camera, she was curious.

Here, Daria oils her fantastic figure, something requested regularly. Her body shines as she wiggles and jiggles and lacquers herself. She spreads her pussy and butt-cheeks and makes her nipples stand at attention with the aid of a buzzer. Hooter heaven. This girl has got some curvy body.

"I play a lot of sports. I wake up early to ride my bicycle or run. Not in winter, of course. Guys are always looking at me when I pass them by. I do not mind this if they have manners. I am concentrating on what I am doing. I don't do sports so my boobs will bounce for them but if some men like that, it's great. I love sports for myself and my boobs will bounce anyway no matter what I do."

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Oily To Bed
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

» Sheridan Love in Joggin Juggs

By Vicky Vette at 9:28 AM

The Joggin' Jugs of A Horny Hottie

When Sheridan Love goes jogging past road worker Brick, her big tits bouncing with each step, he has no idea that he'll be shellacking those boobs in her bedroom that morning. It's all because of a good deed that Brick did.

As the jiggling beauty passed Brick, her wallet fell to the sidewalk. Brick picked it up and tried to get her attention but she's listening to music and can't hear him. He gives chase and sees Sheridan enter a house, forgetting to close her front door. Sheridan heads upstairs to shower after her morning run as Brick arrives at her house. He sees she's left her door open and decides to take a chance and go inside to return her wallet.

Wandering around the place, he tries to find the lovely stranger. When he appears at her bathroom door, Sheridan's out of her jogging outfit and in a towel, ready to cool her hot body down. Brick stammers out his reason for being in her house and tries to make his exit. Sheridan decides right then to reward him...with her hot body! She takes him by the hand into her bedroom and fucks his brains out. This is a pretty good tip for returning her wallet, proving that it pays for a guy to do good deeds for hot chicks without any thought of a payback.

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The Joggin' Jugs of A Horny Hottie
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

» Anna Loren in Oiled and Busty

By Angelina Castro at 9:27 AM

Oiled &Busty

When ya got it, flaunt it. And if you're going to flaunt it, flaunt it for SCORE. We're happy Anna Loren did.

"I used to work at a porn store, and that's where I saw SCORE magazine," said beautiful Anna. "Do you know how many men walked into that place and told me, 'Wow! Those are big!' That was the line I got most often. I think I was a big attraction in that store!"

Girls who work in porn shops are an interesting group. They learn things about people that employees of ordinary stores would never find out. For example, when buying toys, women like the most powerful ones they can get their hands on and women of all ages and appearances buy vibrators. Women tend to patronize a store in the afternoon and in groups while guys go after work or at night. Anna would wear a hoodie to keep her babies under cover.

"Sometimes, working in the porn store got me pretty horny and I'd have the urge to show off." Imagine Anna wearing this little number behind the counter. Customers would have bought out the entire inventory.

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Oiled &Busty
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Monday, December 26, 2016

» Veronika in Gentlemen Prefer Pink

By Puma Swede at 12:31 PM

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Now here's a smiling sweater-missile girl who's as horny as she looks, up for almost anything. "I can't fit into any of my old bras so I had to give them away," Veronika said. Just look at how she's almost spilled out of her top. There's few greater sights in the world than that.

Joey is a man of few words, and that's a good thing, because his assignment is to fuck the shit out of Veronika, not nuzzle her neck. Porn guys call this work? Work is hauling freight 60 hours a week.

Toothsome Veronika always did appreciate a big cock in her mouth with a camera a few feet away recording all the right moves. "I like guys," Veronika said. "I like a man who is an animal in bed and controls me but a nice gentleman out of bed." Veronika has a habit of disappearing and resurfacing every few years. She'll do a bunch of scenes, drop out of sight and then come back for more.

See More of Veronika at SCORELAND.COM!

Gentlemen Prefer Pink
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Sunday, December 25, 2016

» Natasha Sweet in How Sweet She Is

By Kelly Madison at 6:34 AM

How Sweet She Is

Natasha Sweet is poured into a dress that requires a permit to wear. Every big-boobed girl should wear dresses like this. Natasha's projecting bustline gives new meaning to the word "rack."

Here's a girl who's good with sex on the first date. Since Natasha doesn't speak English, her comments were translated for us. "I will tell you, I like to know what to expect from a guy so why waste time dating if we are not compatible in bed. So let's find out right away. At this time in my life, I appreciate great sex as much as I appreciate a man always bringing me flowers and other sweet things. The guys in my shoots were really good at sex and they were nice the whole time, too."

This reminds us of model Maria Moore's dating philosophy in an interview we did in 2003 although Maria went a step further and thought that sex should happen before actually going out on the date. With Natasha, a guy might be too tired to out after sex.

Natasha counts her top three public sex experiences as: at the movies, in a park and in a car, in that order.

"I like a man to take charge. I don't like it when a guy pretends to be a challenge because I think this means he is not really attracted to me."

See More of Natasha Sweet at SCORELAND.COM!

How Sweet She Is
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Saturday, December 24, 2016

» Milly Marks in Bustin' Into SCORELAND

By Kelly Madison at 6:33 AM

Bustin' Into SCORELAND

Milly Marks is a 20-year-old hottie with 36H-cup boobs and a taste for adventure. Having her at SCORELAND is a match made in hooter heaven. The doe-eyed brunette busts out of her tight cardigan to reveal her natural wonders in her first scene.

Milly lives with a group of girls. That must be fun. When she told us this, we wondered if any of them have big tits like Milly's. This is how the mind of the tit-man operates.

"I do think that I have nice cleavage," Milly said in what is the understatement of the year. "It makes me feel sexy and womanly. I wear a lot of crop tops that are tight on my chest and accentuate them even more. Although it doesn't matter what I wear because people stare even if I'm wearing a giant sweater."

That taste for adventure led Milly to SCORE.

"I'm pretty used to the stares so I barely notice. It's usually my friends that are in shock because I don't notice people blatantly staring at me and my big tits."

Of course people look. Milly's an overall hottie! How could they not look?

See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!

Bustin' Into SCORELAND
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Friday, December 23, 2016

» Tigerr Benson in It Takes Two To Tame Tigerr

By Nikki Benz at 6:32 AM

It Takes Two To Tame Tigerr

Tigerr Benson can be a tough, hard mistress some of the time. She can be a sweet-voiced kitty the rest of the time. Here Tigerr's cracking the whip, showing claws, teasing, giving orders (still with that sweet voice) and eyeing Max and Thomas like they're sides of beef. These boys better give her a good schtupping in every hole in this double penetration party if they know what's good for 'em!

SCORELAND: Tigerr, you've also said that in your personal life, it's almost impossible to find two guys that will DP you. We have a pretty good idea why. Have any guys flat out said no?

Tigerr: I think most normal guys are worried about other guys watching them. It's the ego problem, I think. If only they can concentrate on me instead.

SCORELAND: What's the best position for you when doing a DP?

Tigerr: I like it when I'm on top of a guy and one is behind me. I like to feel their breath near my face. Closer to me.

SCORELAND: If you are fucking one guy, do you or the guy ever use a cock-toy or vibrator to simulate a kind of DP? How does that compare to two men?

Tigerr: Sometimes. I do prefer cocks rather than toys.

SCORELAND: Do guys always want to fuck your big tits? Have you ever been with guys who only wanted to stick it between your boobs and cum from that?

Tigerr: Absolutely! It's fun being covered in cum. Anywhere on my body or in my body, in fact.

SCORELAND: Thanks, Tigerr. Stay sexy!

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It Takes Two To Tame Tigerr
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

» Dulcinea in The Girl Don Quixote Dreamt About

By Vicky Vette at 5:32 AM

The Girl Don Quixote Dreamt About

Dulcinea made her debut at XL Girls in late 2014.

"I really like being nude actually. I've been to a nude beach before so it's kind of normal for me," Dulcinea said on her first day. "I like exhibitionism. So I like being watched. And I really like meeting new people."

Dulcinea dropped out of sight after appearing at XL Girls in solo and hardcore scenes. She recently contacted us and wanted to model again. During the past year, Dulcinea transformed her physique. Now she's a SCORELAND Girl.

SCORELAND: Welcome back. So tell us, how many times a day when you're out and about do guys try to be the Don Quixote to your Dulcinea?

Dulcinea: At least once a day, but usually more than that. I love it, though, and I especially love to tease. Like I'll see a guy staring at me, so I'll bend over in front of him or kind of play with my boobs. Sometimes they come up and talk to me and other times they're too bashful. I get hit on way more often now that I'm less chubby.

SCORELAND: What brands of bras do you buy now? What size fits best?

Dulcinea: I used to have to special-order my bras from Europe but I stopped wearing them altogether about a year ago. I've saved a ton of money, my boobs are actually getting perkier, and I'm pretty sure everyone else loves getting to see my nipples poke through my shirt at the coffee shop. I was fitted recently, though, and I measured as a 34HH. I thought it was crazy that after losing 50 pounds my cup size stayed the same!

SCORELAND: What are your plans for 2017?

Dulcinea: I'm starting my own membership website for my amateur content and camming full-time with my partner doing couples shows! I'm also hoping to do a bit more modeling and maintain my new figure.

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The Girl Don Quixote Dreamt About
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

» Claudia KeAloha in Wake-up Bang

By Angelina Castro at 5:34 AM

Wake-up Bang

Busty dancer and cam girl Claudia KeAloha wakes up, her bed partner snoozing next to her. While he's asleep, she plays with her nipples and works herself up. Claudia's told us one of her favorite ways to wake a guy up is to play with his cock and suck him awake.

"I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy. I am tight and I like big cocks but due to my small pussy they can be hard to take. But I don't need a really huge dick. I like it not too long and on the thicker side."

Largo cums in Claudia's mouth after they fuck good and hard. That suits Claudia just fine. She likes a man to cum on her tits or in her mouth. Her favorite tit-fuck position is on her knees with her partner sitting in front of her.

Claudia doesn't use toys often. She likes them once in a while but feels that if a girl uses them too much, it makes it harder to cum when she's with a guy. She does like a vibrator buzzing on her pussy when she's being fucked.

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Wake-up Bang
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

» Kaytee Carter in The Farmer's Daughter

By Julia Ann at 5:35 AM

The Farmer's Daughter

Beautiful Kaytee spends some quality underwear time before treating everyone to a highly appreciated eyeful of her homegrown charms. She was made to be a covergirl and just needed to find us. It only happened because of a guy friend who said she should be a SCORE Girl.

This athletic, sporty babe is an all-American hottie. She likes to fish, ride horses, box and hunt and was raised on a farm growing hops. Her medical training as a nurse must help when she passes guys on the street and they walk into a parking meter or open manhole. Now, you see that top Kaytee's wearing? She said she would never wear that. She also always wears a bra (a 34I) but only owns three bras at the most which she has fitted for her by Intimacy. Does Kaytee love her boobs? She says she does. Great! Because they are perfect.

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The Farmer's Daughter
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Monday, December 19, 2016

» Indianna Jaymes in Teacher Knows Breast

By Angelina Castro at 3:23 PM

Teacher Knows Breast

When SCORE's editors met Indianna Jaymes, their first thought was "Wow! She could be Casey James' cousin." From some angles, Indianna does resemble the much-venerated Casey. But the comparisons can only go so far. While Indianna photographs much taller than she really is, like many SCORE Girls often do, Casey is four inches taller.

"I've always loved big boobs," Indianna said. "Big tits just look so much better on a woman, don't they? I love curves and shapely bodies. I love how my body looks in the mirror and the looks I get from guys when I walk into a store or a restaurant.

"I love how my chest looks in tight tops, T-shirts, swimsuits and bras. I can't even imagine what my sex life would be without my big tits. When I would read in an interview a model saying how much she loves her breasts, I'd be with her totally."

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Teacher Knows Breast
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

» Maserati's Dangerous Curves

By Angelina Castro at 3:24 PM

Maserati's Dangerous Curves

Maserati is one of those girls who owns the camera. She has that talent for making you feel as if she is talking to you, and Maserati is a sexy talker to the utmost as this scene proves. She knows exactly what is on the mind of the boob-drunk man and knows what to say to him.

Only widescreen can do justice to her massive, dangling tits. They never fail to astonish one and all. Is she recognized when she's out and about? Many guys do and Maserati enjoys it.

Maserati wants you to watch her re-measure her insane body with a tape, and then she enjoys her boobs and pats her pussy while she tells you how she likes to cum as she works it faster and faster to detonation. Every Maserati visit to SCORE is a special treat.

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Maserati's Dangerous Curves
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Saturday, December 17, 2016

» Pop Your Cork With Minka

By Angelina Castro at 3:24 PM

Pop Your Cork With Minka

Minka is very adept at cork popping. She can make any cork pop. When she's done getting her mega-boobed body wet, she tries on some different swimsuits. Constant tennis playing keeps her physique bikini fit, putting 20somethings to shame. Her trademark bush pokes through her slingshot bikini bottoms, a sight that drives muff lovers crazy.

SCORELAND: So when do you think you are going to shoot again?

MINKA: Whenever you want. Whenever my fans want. You guys call and I'll come back again.

SCORELAND: You do a lot of work around your house in Las Vegas. How's your garden?

MINKA: I do a lot of gardening. I grow hot peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes.

SCORELAND: What else do you do?

MINKA: I take care of my dog. Clean the house. I've been busy. Mostly, I play tennis. That is how I am in such good shape after modeling for so long. The people say, 'Minka, why do you still look so good?' I tell them because I keep in shape and also because I have the best boobs.

SCORELAND: And you still have the best, pointiest nipples....

MINKA: Yes! Number one!

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Pop Your Cork With Minka
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Friday, December 16, 2016

» Bambi Blacks in Bambi's Double Penetration

By Angelina Castro at 3:25 PM

Bambi's Double Penetration

SCORE editor Dave wrote about Bambi Blacks in the February 2017 edition, "There's always something special about a girl who goes out of her way to turn herself into a fuck toy. Bambi's huge tits, mostly shaved pussy and long fingernails send the message to any guy who sees her that she wants to fuck. And she fucks a lot."

True! Bambi is a wild one, one of the wildest and Britain's raunchiest cum queen. She loves cum in her pussy and calls herself the creampie queen. Bambi doesn't get a creampie in this double penetration but her pussy was jizzed in her debut hardcore SCORE fuck. This time, Bambi gets to eat her studs' cum and roll it around in her mouth.

What happened was Bambi called up her new friends Kamil and Steve, and invited them over to fuck her. She did it separately since she's the cheeky sort. But there was no bro-jealousy. Their mission was to bang Bambi until she's cock-drunk. The two Czechs invaded the pussy and asshole of Britain's cum queen in a show of DP solidarity, as if the EU was getting even for Brexit. And when Bambi is done, she still looks like she wants more. No surprise about that. Bambi loves gang bangs.

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Bambi's Double Penetration
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

» Vanessa Y in The Glory Hole Fantasy

By Angelina Castro at 3:25 PM

The Glory Hole Fantasy

Vanessa Y. needs to tinkle. She's been having a good time drinking beer, her favorite beverage, with her girlfriends at the local pub. Vanessa enters the ladies room. This restroom is a real hole in the wall. In fact, there are several holes in the walls, put there so the male employees can spy on women on the throne.

Vanessa feels a little horny so she decides to have a quick spank before joining her table. After that quickie, she spots the holes. Then two big dicks emerge through them. Vanessa decides to stay and have some suck and jack fun. After all, it's her fantasy and she can do as she pleases.

Voluptuous Model of the Year winner Vanessa continues to rack up a huge number of comments under her SCORELAND scenes. She's always been popular for her big naturals, her bush and her approachable personality, and she does great shoots, like the fan-favorite in the Dominican Republic. During the past year, Vanessa's popularity has really exploded. Her fantasy scenes have helped to light the fuse.

"Vanessa pulls me into a frenzy of pure desire with every video and pics. A stroking spree. She is beyond the realms of pleasure. Not of this naturally talented," writes Erecticus Maximus.

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The Glory Hole Fantasy
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